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My 1958 Willy's CJ5

This page is all about my 1958 willys. I picked it up about 3 months ago. The guy i bought it off of was the second owner he bought it in 1980 did all the major work to it bought a new top, roll cage, shocks, brakes, brake lines, everything and got it all ready for paint but didn't know what color to paint it so parked it in the garage with his farm equipment covered with tarps and rags and hay u name it. A friend of my dad just had bought a 46 and heard about this 58 so we went for a look. Everything was ready just need some minor resanding and paint. Put 4 new spark plugs in it shot of either and new distributor cap fired right up. Of course i had to run the gas out of a gas can cause there was a full tank of rust stale gas in it. Drove it home ran new fuel lines flushed the tank fired right up gave it a bit of a tune up and i fuel filter it was ready. Drove it around a bit started running bad changed fuel pump ran good for a day changed coil ran good for a few days put a electric fuel pump to much gas sucked up rus from bottom of tank flushed tank added new fuel filter still to much gas fuel regulator not runing good bought new carb perfect keep filing out the 3rd plug ajusted the valve and there we have it alot of putzing around but not bad for a 58 sitting for almost 20 years. Didn't cost much doing it my self. Then for the under carrage all the brakes were taken care of and wire harness. I wire brushed it all down and undercoated it my self sanded the body primed it and painted it myself not bad no fish eyes no run markes no bugs but the metalic sagged on the hood but see if u can tell in the picture below. Inside isn't much to do but i recovered the seats myself also painted the dash. everything on the dash works except the dome light theres a switch marked for it but there aint to wires or light lol. Few thingsleft to do bigger tires and a lift and ryno matt the floor. On the tires and lift thought with that little flat 4 banger the biggest tires only can be 31" and a 2 1/2" lift. Well i didn't get to many pictures when i first got it and before i painted it cause i painted it a week after i had it but i got one and a whole lot after i painted it check them out below or go

This is the oldest picture i got now when i had this website before i said if i ever restore a car id have all picture well i lied i don't have the pictures of the jeep when i got it with the top all moldey hay all over it and before i primed the front end but o well (This is before paint)
This is after paint before i put the top on.

This is after all the painting and cleaning the top this top is not orginal. Its new 20 years ago but it sat in a barn with hay so it got moldy. The top is not dryed out cracked riped or anything, good old murphys oil soap cleaned her up.
This here shows the custom chains I made for the tail gate 2 green carabiners and some chain with clear rubber hose slid on and melted snugg on it.
This is a not a very good picture but I tried to get everything in one you can see that the top backs of the seats are covered and the the one gauge that does it all lol. The wipper motors, the shiffters with the bullet shells for shift knobs (not my creation).
No this is not a picture of a motor out of a match box car. This is the original motor to this bad boy flat 4 u can see there is some altercations to it for one the 6 volt system has been replaced with the 12 volt. The fuel pump is caped off and the eletric fuel pump is added with fuel regulator, also a nice new shinny carborator. The original horn in the bottom right hand corner is still there and works I love that sound I mite add the dixy horn set to it just cause I got the room lol.