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This is my 85 DR 100 yea it looks like a peace but it hauls. I have a 79 honda trike 100cc that is a beast this thing pulled my old man on it while dragging me on my trike through the mudd and in gear now thats balls I lost the rear plastics one from 4 wheeling with it in the back of the truck and the other i snap off while wreaking trying to drive it up ramps to the back of the truck no kick started striped off new kick starter cost 60 buck and i only payed 80 for it thats why there isn't new replace ment plastics its a beater but i love it.

These are some picture of my 1991 Ford F150 XL Custom. These are just small pictures of the passenger side rear wheel well. Where some lady in a 2000 Crown Victora pulled into me at a red light. The other picture is the passenger side door where someone at school hit it or kicked it in. Im going to get more picture some time soon i got a lot of gingerbread stuff i want to buy for it.