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Hey i started this at 1102 april 28 i don't know how much i can get done but im trying so keep checking back and watch my progress if u like sebring or mopars of any sort let me know at or im me montour62

1996 Sebring LX custom

Well this is my new every day ride. The Fairmont has been retired to 
the garage and equipped with a classic. I have made some other mods to 
it so check them out at my Fairmont page. But here is the new every 
day driver. I bought it over a year ago came with almost nothing 
except 59,000 miles and a clarion head unit and a Chrysler painted 
pinstripe red gray all power a/c everything but leather and had half 
of the wood grain kit and sunroof.
The first thing I did was realized the clarion head unit didn't have 
RCA hook ups and it was probably a clarion from 96 so I took it out 
and put in a pioneer head unit the last of the non 3d action screens.
A few years old but perfect for this junk Chrysler I had bought to 
beat on. Then I couldn't last with out a system so I tried my 2 12 
from the Fairmont wasn't cutting it for me so I was lucky to find a 
kid that was hard for money and needed to get rid of his system. 3 MTX
15's for 100 bucks 1 was blown so he helped me build a box for 2 but
then I needed a amp Kenwood 220 100 bucks it was done had a system it
pounded good enough for my beater for now. 

Next I realized even a beater got to have nice wheels and having non 
chrome hubs was even worse so I bought 4 chrome hubs not ones from the
auto store but Chrysler hubs 4 for 100 they were nice. Next thing I 
noticed I couldn't see shit out of this damn thing backing up I'm used
to driving this square tank with no blind spots so I knew what I had 
to find a spoiler nothing fancy pricey or big. Lucky a buddy of mine 
works at a GM dealer as a body man and found me a GM universal spoiler
looked perfect on it so I put it on and did what I wanted.

Then I thought I don't want to be seen in this beater so I had the 
windows tinted and while I did that I had the Fairmont done in. The 
Sebring got 25 around the back and backsides and 35 on the front then
a 35 strip on the top. Then the shitty Chrysler pinstripe was 
bothering me so I borrowed some royal blue strip from a buddy and 
fixed that prob. Then people were complementing on my beater more then
I got for the Fairmont (damn Fairmont haters). So I thought blue neon
would look good so I got them for under neither along with the blue 
strobes I installed front and back for the fire department along with
an alien scanner. neon's also have sound controls for music. Then I 
got Pilot fogs for the front and GTS probeam carbon fiber head light 
covers and Lebra hood bra lasted a week till it started discoloring 
the paint. 

Then it happen just like I knew the damn Chrysler tranny couldn't hold
up to the Mitsubishi 2.5 24 valve V6 and punked out at 68,000 thank u
warrantee 2 and a half g's saved. 

Then that's when I started to realize its a Chrysler with a Rice 
burner motor and its a mid rage sports car and it was in good shape 
and people liked it I'm going to spend some money so I put more neon's
inside hood lights and front window stickers that said Sebring in old
English and below it Mitsubishi motors I was hooked now the money was
going out the pocket so just short of having everything non performance
I bought rims and tires American Racing Chrome Snipers and Yokohamma 
215x45x17 then everyone started to say nice car and I like that. I was
the first around hear with a hooked up Mopar beside old school and 
neons "peaces of shit". Then I got the the front window tinted to 15 
percent and the bottom of the front 15 changed the Sebring sticker to
MODOMEZTICZ C.C. after meeting a few kids that like the bigger mopars.
Then to hide those horrible honey comb bubbles on the rear window I 
piece of white vinyl. Then put the best sticker ever on the rear for 
this new ride NO BAGS+NO SWITCHES=NO FAT BITCHES. People loved it. 
Then I needed a system upgrade so AC Delco battery in the trunk with 
a 1000 Fosgate amp and capacitor made it WHO BANG with amp that once 
controlled my subs control my 6x9's lol.

This car has seen things come and go most of the stuff not mentioned 
is the stuff that didn't last long that you might see in some pictures.
Like the carbon fiber head light covers I painted them white. The GM 
spoiler finally got painted white. Ventshade Visors, Ventshade sunroof
spoiler. Things that are minor but noticeable on the car. 

If your wondering why I was calling this car a beater is because its a
Chrysler not because it was beat up or junk its like new I just used 
to be a big mopar hater and now with this car it has changed me along
with my parents 2001 300 M wow Chrysler is stepping up to the plate. 
But Ford is still in my blood and that will never change.