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Hi my page was first build in 1998 and I have changed few things here and there since. Mosty on my page I have all my cars that I have and show u all the customs and changes I make to them and the websites of other people, companys, and organizations who love these vehicals. Since the last time I have got 2 new vehicals a 78 cherokee cheif and a 96 chysler sebring lx. I have got rid of another 79 ford fairmont that I had bought and strip and the 77 ford granda is no longer with us as well the motor didn't get changed into the fairmont but it was bought and the motor is already in a early mid to late 60's f 100 and is running strong and living happy ever after. One thing you will notice i don't have any 4 door vehicals everything has 2 doors so check them out an let me know what you think you can contact me at

Aol screen name montour62


Moon Run VFD
My fire company
My 1979 Ford Fairmont Futura
almost done just adding more and more pictures go ahead take a look
My 1958 Willys CJ5
All done just got toget pictures of the inside go ahead tak e a look
My 91 F150 & My 85 DR 100
being finished now
1977 Ford Granda
Pictures and history on my Granda
1996 Sebring LX custom
my new everyday show car
Ford Fairmont &Mercury Zephyr Resources and Swap Techniques
Great Fairmont & Zephyr site
Fairmont/Zephy Enthusoasts page
Great Fairmont & Zephyr site
Virginia Beach Fire's Monster Fire Truck
a real nice fire truck(must see)
Hawaiian Fire Depatment
Dual jet powered fire truck(must see)
Penslvania& Road Island fire departments
fire departments patches and radio frequencys
Ford Fairmont pages
pages for fairmonts
Fairmont & Zephyer - Fox Body
another fairmont site
fairmont catalogue
fairmont catalogue
Dodge Advenger Chrysler Sebring Owners Group
great site for meeting other sebring owners and getting ideas and deals
Site for stratus's and breezes
but theres sebrings too