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The 1977 Ford Granada I had

This it the biggest peace I have ever had. Now you may not belive it but this car was a deal it looks all crappy but it has a rebuild 302 5.0 only 1,000 miles ago. I bought this car for the motor to put in my Ford Fairmont. This car will never ever go on the road mainly because there is no frame its there but just a skeleton the stearing is horrible braking (what brakes) and the holes in the floor in the back seat that your can put your hands threw. It amazes me why anyone would rebuild this motor in this peace of junk. Although im glad they did lol. But she'll fire up and run for ever or untill the body falls off i got my money out of it i used the fan switch and the reostat head lights for the jeep urband audio works cassett player which i sold for a few bucks lol and a bunch of other stuff o yea i use the trunk and back seat just to hold thinks like car parts scrap metal stuff like that. Untill i change the motor or the fender falls of and the motor rolls out it will sit. I start it up atleast 2 a week to keep the motor from freezing and to keep the battery going its not much to look at but it sounds good since I took the pipes off at the end of the mantfold lol and it will light them tires up but i don't do that to much bad for the motor and the frame is breaking away and the wheel wells are getting closer and closer to the rear wheels. Shown in picture below well injoy the pics. I sold this car for the same i bought it for 2 years later. Its gone but ill never forget lighting up those tires in the drive way. It was a piece but it was a ford and theres always love for FORD

This is the passenger side rear wheel well take a look at that thats not a good thing what do u think?