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My 1979 Ford Fairmont Futura

This page has pictures of my 79 Ford Fairmont Futura. That I have worked on and partly restored. I got the car when I was a freshman in high school from my grandma. It is all original with the original 3.3 200 straight 6 cyl. Even came with a 35 watt amp mounted in the dash for the 15x4 dial head unit with a seperate amp pull switch. That was the first to go. I replaced it with a sony 45x4 cd player, replace the front 3 1/2 speaker in the dash with new kenwoods, replaced the factory 6x8 with jenson 6x9 and 2 jenson 220 watt amps bridged at 440 and for a total 880 hooked up to 2 12" kenwood (yes my headlights dim) Then the next step was redying the carpet cause the hump in between the seats faded (pictures below) to do so I took all the seats out since i had the seats out i decided to do some other repairs like fix the roof liner from the plastic vinyl to foam felt and recover the rear dash board witch was basicly just cardboard and since the rear opra windows chrome moldings were a little pitted from the 2 years it sat outside (79-81) put it all back to gether added my red lights under the dash and the back seats and red bulb in the dome light. And the interior was finished. Next was the out side didn't realy do much there but i started with washing it down with kerosine to get the old layers of wax off gave it 3 good coats of body shop grade show finish wax and then for the 2 piece vinyl roof witch is in perfect shape took a whole bottle of vinyl cleaner and a bottle of vinyl oil and brought it back to original shine. Added a Ford Logo sticker on the rear window along with a piss on Mopar sticker (which has changed to a piss on MHS (Montour High School). And a fire dog on the other side. On the front windshield i have the 79' Farimont sticker and next to that is the Lowrider man symbol. Took of the wipper blades and replaced them with double bladed chrome whiper blades. Then replaced the mudd flaps with chrome mudd flaps. Boy that was a mistake every rock u run over leaves a mark u scrape bottom and they bend and don't bend back very nice but ill just buy new ones ever year. Bought chrome wheels with 40 spoke gold baskets and 80 spoke chrome baskets with gold or chrome 3 point spinners or gold or chrome lock caps = any combination. Then for the spring and fall i got Baby moons and buty rings and the winter i got the original hubcaps. For the motor I got a new carborator I have 2 already that have been rebuilt so many times the screws are striped. After puting on the new carborator i got at leasted 6 more miles to a gallon no lie. I bought a 77 granada with a rebuilt 302 5.0 that has 10,000 miles on the rebuilt motor but I haven't had the chance to swap them. Since I got my jeep see my 58'willys page. Replacement parts parts are so hard to find when ever i see them i snag them up I got a 2 sets of headlight moldings and 2 grils extra set of original hubcaps rear tail lights extra rims carborators gauges. But i don't and cant find what i need i need 2 doors the bottom of the inside is starting to rot and i want to fix it right. I want to get it painted new chrome strips. Tint the window lower it and ground lights. Thats coming this summer but untill then check out all the pictures.

These wheels are the 40 spoke gold rims with crome dishes and spiners.
These wheels are the chrome dish rims with chrome spinners.
These wheels are the 80 spoke chrome rims dishes and lock caps.